الأحد، 14 يوليو 2013

Monitor in big baler part 3 3. Startup

A. Startup mode
the screen and the baler will communicate and the screen will look if it has the correct software available to show everything on the screen. Is this not the case (this is normally only during the first startup) the screen will download the necessary files. This can take up to 1 minute and is indicated by an icon in the DOG area of the screen.
Once done, it will show a disk to indicate the software is dowloaded and stored in the screen.
After a next powercycle, the screen knows that it has the correct software so it does not repeat this step. The user can drive immediately

B. Setup in runscreens
To ease the use of the system, we will advice the customer to setup his VT application in the runscreens. Do not forget that we have a screen which can contain a lot of information (guidance, trip computer, information about hydraulic valves, speed ...) so it is important for a customer to have everything grouped.
How to setup ?
Go to the Toolbox and select the layout tab. Select a Runscreen (e.g. Run 6) and select VT2x6 option to setup in the screen. If you go to the runscreen 6, you will have your VT application and with a single click on the button you can switch the runscreen.

If you haven’t setup you VT application in the runscreen, you will always have to return to the home screen and there select the VT button. Which costs you a little more time. 

C. Delete VT applications
When ?
Client has sold his VT application but keeps his monitor in his tractor.
Software crashed completely
How ?
Go to “Toolbox” – “VT” – “NVM”
Press “Delete”
Imagine the customer sels his baler but keeps his monitor in his tractor. This means that the downloaded file is still in the monitor but will never be used again. It only consumes your memory.
It is adviced to delete this file.
How ?
Go to “Toolbox” – “VT” – “NVM” and press on delete
Remark :
You do not have to be afraid that your total balecounter / total hours ... Will be reset because all balecounters are stored in the BCM and not in the monitor.