الاثنين، 15 يوليو 2013

Monitor in big baler part 4 4. Screen layout

The screen exists out of 4 main parts :
1)At the left hand side you will see the DOG (display of gears) area which can be modified on a tractor. You can put in the date and time, speed, fuel consumption ... as wanted.
2)In the middle part you will have your VT application. Compare your monitor on the tractor with windows and powerpoint. Your tractor software is your windows and the VT application which runs can be compared wiht powerpoint. This VT application runs in your tractor software.
3)On the Intelliview III monitor you will see an additional menubar which has 3 buttons. Maybe you saw already that we do not have a home button on the screen as we had on Intelliview II ?
At the right side you will have the menu buttons as you have on all applications. This is regarding your baler application but can be changed to the tractor application with one touch. Speak about that on the next slide. 
As already spoken, on intelliview III, we have an additional toolbar. The goal ? Well, it has 3 buttons :
1)A key to switch to the next application (or camera function when installed)
2)A key which can toggle the softkeys between baler application (powerpoint) and tractor (windows). This is a fast and easy way to switch between runscreen 6 (VT) and e.g. Runscreen 2 (trip computer)
3)A home key which brings you to the tractor main screen.